The physical and spiritual backbone of the country is Lake Malawi, stretching for over 300 miles and covering more than 20% of the country in water. These clear, mineral-rich waters teem with countless, brightly coloured cichlid fish, many of which are endemic.

Many of the lodges around the lake offer diving and snorkelling. The diving in Lake Malawi is not comparable to diving around exotic coral reefs however it does offer you the unique experience of swimming in fresh water.Although extremely rare, hippos and crocodiles have been sighted in the lake.

Looking along the lakeshore there are many places to stay. We have concentrated on the best, which are all tucked into secluded coves, on rocky islands and along the lake’s golden beaches. These are perfect destinations in themselves, each offering a range of activities, or make thoroughly relaxing beach retreats after a safari holiday in Zambia.

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Over 10.000 Square miles


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Over 10.000 Square miles

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