There are seven routes to summit the peak of Mount Kilimanjaro. All the routes vary according to the difficulty levels, success rates, length, cost, trekking duration and accommodation facilities.

So no single route can be considered the best.

Let’s explore individual climbing routes best known for

The Marangu Route: Otherwise known as coca-cola route. The only Kilimanjaro climb route offering hut accommodation, so the most touristy route

The Machame Route: Otherwise known as Whisky route, the most popular, most challenging route up to the summit.

The Rongai Route: The easiest route on Kilimanjaro and the only route approaching from the north.

The Shira Route: The most expensive, challenging and offers some serious altitude on the first day.

The Lemosho Route: Offers the most beautiful view, but expensive.

The Umbwe Route: A direct, steep, the most difficult and demanding route on Kilimanjaro, but the most spectacular. 

Northern Circuit Route: The longest route offering great acclimatization profile and high summit success.

Moreover, it’s not a race to the top; rather it’s a personal accomplishment.

So whichever route you choose, the trek pays-off with the most exciting ascent and meeting with different fellow climbers. 

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