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Why Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro with African Spoonbill Tours?

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  • February 13, 2020

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro or “Everyone’s Everest”, is a dream of all the people. Each year around 25,000 people attempt to climb the tallest and freestanding mountain of Africa. However, choosing the route, Kilimanjaro Tour Operator, physical and mental fitness really matters for a successful summit at Uhuru peak.

The experience of a guide or Kilimanjaro Tour Operator is very necessary as the success and risk in Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro are dependent on them.

African Spoonbill Tours And Safaris ltd, as one of Tour Operator based in Tanzania under the foothill of mountain Kilimanjaro in East Africa engaged in the tourism industry since 2007 and we have experienced about 12 year on these field. Every year we are serving more than 600 clients and all clients are pleased with our outstanding services for clients. You can visit our Trip Advisor account to read the 85 reviews about our organization.

We’re the experts on Kilimanjaro with nearly 12 years of experience

 We are Tanzania based tour operator beneath of Kilimanjaro since 2007. We have 12 years experience in climbing and trekking.

Our guides and porters are well-learned, disciplined and well-behaved. They have both knowledge and experience on different ecological zone and climatic conditions of Kilimanjaro. Our Kilimanjaro Guide, porters and chefs are very friendly and gentle in nature and are the experts. They have faced ground reality and have experience in high altitude, that’s why they can handle any awkward situation. You will feel very comfortable and safe with us.



We offer different packages for different Kilimanjaro Routes for a successful trekking to Kilimanjaro with affordable budget. The itinerary for Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro Packages were basically made on the basis of customer’s budget, goals and interest. The trekking guides have real experiences for the hiking to Kilimanjaro on the different routes.

Experience the Stunning Camping Service

 During your trekking at the time of rest or in night, our guides are with you to make your camp ready. There is no need to worry about the cold inside the camp. Making and folding the camp before leaving for hiking is their responsibility. You do not need to think about the camping and portable toilets. The guide and porters are highly motivated and have skills to settle things in better way very quickly.

 Get 98% Summit Success Rate with Our Guides

Climbing Kilimanjaro

As our guides have well knowledge and experience about the high altitude with different ecological zone, you can trust them fully during the hiking. Each year more than 600 clients are served by us for the hiking to Kilimanjaro where all have a successful summit with an exception of few. Around the year approximately 98% summits are successful through our guides and the willpowers of the clients.

Our chefs are the best whose can keep your mind and body healthy through their delicious and quality meals with breakfast during Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. The porters and the guide are very co-operate, they will pack every minute things like water, medicines before starting a trekking.

Great Support from Our Kilimanjaro Guides and Porters

During a long hiking to Mt. Kilimanjaro, whether it is for 6 days or 8 days, you have no need to worry about the camp or tent setting place and time. Our guides have good experience and skills in which kind of place they have to settle the camp. The motivated porters with the guide can settle the camp in second with the full facility.  Before leaving the camp for hiking, the guide with the help of porters is able to close the camp and takes every useful things like climbing gears, even water with them. They have to leave the place after you.

Our Legendary Trip Leaders- The Most Experienced On the Mountain

The guide and trip leaders know the danger and the risk on the way of Climbing Kilimanjaro. You have to trust them whole-heartedly. The hiking with our trip leaders can give you a cheerful and successful trip for the Kilimanjaro.

The trip leader has the skills and the sense for the climate of the mountain according to the altitude. They are confident, practical and highly motivated. You will get enough positive vibe from them during your hiking.

So, friends, if you are reading this one, you are in the right hand. In Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro, only you have to listen to the guide and step forward for a successful summit.

There is no need to worry, if you’re a new climber, because there is no need to have technical skills for this summit. Take your time before deciding the summit and keep your willpower strong with the positive vibe of songs.

So if you are someone getting prepared for Climbing Kilimanjaro hope the above discussion will add more enthusiasm while helping you preparing well for your Kilimanjaro trekking adventure.

Want to know more about Mount Kilimanjaro; then click here @ https://africanspoonbilltours.com/mount-kilimanjaro-climbing and get all the information you are looking for.

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